car blocking driveway

blocked driveway towing brooklyn

Wondering what to do when a car is illegally blocking your driveway? We know that this is a daunting task to overcome but we are here to help and educate you on the steps to take to effectively accomplish this.

Our recommendation is to first see if there is a ticket on the car – this is the first and foremost step. If there is no ticket, call the police to come to your home and make sure the car is ticketed. Then the next step is very simple – You call us! 

We offer peace of mind during a stressful task of someone blocking your driveway; everything will be okay and if you have any questions we highly suggest that you give us a call to walk you through the steps. A member of our team will be there to handle the situation right on cue and everything will be back to normal. We promise and this service is completely 100% free!

Call us now.